Who's desk looks like this?

JOBDOC: Documenting the Job Search
Emmeline Hale, Hannah Nieves, Danielle Herman and Cindy Nguyen

Are you currently in the process of a job search? If you are, do you feel as if your connections, cities you want to work in, and companies you want to work at are scattered around in your head somewhere, maybe between emails, resumes, lists on sticky notes, in your agenda, on applications or somewhere in a big pile mes of mess on your desk?

We understand, because our job search is fairly unorganized too, but that needs to change and we have an innovative and digital solution to the problem.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the who, what, and where aspects of your job search were documented in one, organized hub at the palm of your hand?

We are JOBDOC, and we are here to help simplify and document your job search. The goal of JOBDOC is to serve as an organizational tool, but also as a way to guide young professionals to the career best suited for them, with the right company in the perfect location.

To get to the final idea of JOBDoc, our group encountered many steps and challenges along the way. Originally, the idea was to create Job Harmony, a tool to get job-seekers paired with the type of job that best fits their personality, because our team thought no such application existed and students would find it very useful. However, a tool launched at the end of January that was nearly a complete replica of this idea, which meant meant it was time to start brainstorming again. We then decided to build a resume maker for students to compile all of their experiences together on a private online tool, but because it was not related to the career coaching realm that the client desired, we dropped that idea as well.

Four weeks into the project, we finalized on the third and final idea of JOBDoc, which in a way fits in between our two previous ideas in terms of the steps a person should take when conquering a job search.

We have made it through a lot of challenges, but we are proud of the mission we have worked on since the beginning and will soon present at SLAM: to help you find the job that is the best fit for you.

JOBDOC is here to help you “get better,” organized, on top of your goals and see how the who, what and where of the job search all can connect to help you get your dream job in the place you want.